Circuit Staff

 Revd. Phillip Warrey (Superintendent)

Rev. Iain Skinner

I am an exiled Scot, having left home as soon as I was 15 to join the army as an engineering apprentice.  Twenty five years’ service followed man and boy during which time I married my wife Alison, had three children, and undertook Commando training. Service included; 1969 Libya (Gadhafi’s revolution), 1974 the Turk invasion of Cyprus, and in 1992 the Falklands conflict.

 It was as a young soldier after Libya I became aware of the wonder and beauty of creation and set out to find the One behind it all. A few years later whilst serving in Malta as I was singing, “And can it be”, I knew for myself the meaning of “Chains falling off, and hearts being free”. 

Some years later after my experience in the Falklands I felt God was calling me to ministry; I trained as a Local Preacher, was accepted as a candidate for the Ministry and started training all whilst still serving as a soldier.

 On completion of training I was stationed to the Gateshead and Jarrow Circuit, but only spent two years before the Forces Board asked me to consider Military Chaplaincy. 

Seventeen years of military chaplaincy followed.

After retirement I was invited to remain in Herefordshire as the Minister of St. John's and I am now enjoying the very different challenges of a Circuit appointment..