Circuit Choir

Circuit Choir

The Circuit Choir is a 'virtual choir' which records the music for our live Zoom Sunday worship

If you would like to help us with this  please email us at to be added to our list of members.

Then, you will need:-
  • To be able to follow the instructions below.

  • A computer or laptop with a microphone and some headphones or earphones. The microphone doesn't have to be anything special - one built in to a laptop or a webcam will be fine.

  • An email address

1) First you will need to install Audacity -

There is a full set of instructions (with pictures) here.

2) The accompaniment tracks will be emailed to you

3) Then you can follow these instructions (with pictures) here to record your voice.

4) Then send the files to or reply to the email which sent you the tracks. Alternatively you can send using WeTransfer but email is usually OK.

Although this seems a little complicated, once you have followed the instructions once, its quite easy to do multiple recordings, and using Audacity means it is very simple to stitch all the tracks together as they will all come in automatically synchronized to the original music tracks. If you cannot get Audacity to work for you, you can try using any other app which will record your voice as you sing along, but it is slightly harder for us to synchronise it with everyone else.

Thanks to Drs David Baldwin and Colin May for recording the tracks for us.