Circuit Missions

All of our churches have their own projects which help worthwhile causes both locally and worldwide but there are some things we join together to support. As a circuit we always also have a particular world-wide project and a local project which we support.

All of our churches give ongoing support to All We Can and to Christian Aid.

Our World Project for 2016 - 17 is United Purpose

Poverty is not just about being poor. It is being denied choice and opportunity – whether it’s a lack of food, water, healthcare, education or feeling powerless to make changes. United Purpose tackles poverty from the grassroots and works with people across all levels in society, to help families make a lasting difference to their lives.

You can find our more about United Purpose here :   

Our Local Project is the Martha Trust

The Martha Trust in Hereford was established in 1996, as a registered charity, to provide lifelong and respite care for young people with profound intellectual and physical disabilities.

All theiryoung residents are completely dependent on others for their every need and they are given constant loving attention by our nursing staff and carers, allowing and encouraging them to develop to their full potential.