Exhibition of Modern Christian Art

From the beginning of Holy Week until well into Eastertide,
Monnow Valley Arts with the Trustees of the Methodist Art
Collection have organised a series of venues to host
exhibitions exploring the life of Christ in venues in the Border region
of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.

The Methodist Art Collection is one of the most important of its
kind in the country and is made up of over 50 works by
contemporary and modern artists. It was started some 50 years ago
at the instigation of Dr John Morel Gibbs. His son Dr John Gibbs,
who lives in the Border area, is chairman of the Trustees who look
after this collection. For the first time in many years almost the entire
collection will be on show, supplemented by work by contemporary
artists, in venues in Abergavenny, Hereford, Peterchurch and

The exhibitions offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to
contemplate Christ’s love for humanity through visual imagery and
to give thanks for his sacrifice on Calvary.

Full details can be found by clicking here

Theyre Lee-Elliott 1903–88, Crucified Tree Form – the Agony, 1959 (detail);
at Hereford Cathedral