Welcome to Ledbury Methodist Church
The Homend, Ledbury, HR8 1BP

We're moving

Ledbury Methodist Church members have made the brave decision to move out of their current building putting it on the market in January 2018.

Rev Phil said “This grand old Victorian building no longer serves the needs of our congregation. It is a beautiful building, and it is loved by the congregation, but it was built for a different age and different needs. Our congregation is smaller now, we don’t need such a big worship area, but we do need space where we can put on meals for the elderly in the community, and run other events and serve our community”.

There are no firm plans yet for where we may go, but please be assured there will be a Methodist presence in Ledbury. We may be selling the building but we are not closing down. When we use the word Church, we often think of the building, but actually Church are the people, the gathered Christians – so Methodist Church is a gathering of people called Methodists.

Minister: Revd.  Phillip Warrey

Ledbury Methodist Church is a friendly and caring church, always ready to welcome newcomers and visitors.

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Weekly Events

 Sunday   10.30 am  Morning Worship  
 Wednesday    9.45 am  Quiet Space    
 (1st & 3rd Wednesday)

Our meetings

Quiet Space takes place in the Church on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9.45am.This is about half an hour of quiet reflection and prayer and is followed by coffee and croissants.

Our Church Diary