We are determined to ensure that all our churches are safe places for young an old alike to worship, play and learn together without fear of being harmed.

Our Circuit and each of our churches have Safeguarding Policies which are strictly observed in the life of our churches and regularly reviewed.

You can read the Circuit Safeguarding Policy here.

Since 2012 it has been mandatory for certain offices within Methodist Churches to be restricted to those who received formal Safeguarding Training. Post holders who have not received the necessary training will be obliged to resign their posts.

You can access all our Safeguarding Policies on our Downloads page.

Methodism and Safeguarding

"There is a growing understanding that protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults is at the core of our faith. Safeguarding is about creating churches that are a safe space for everyone; a space where children can flourish and adults can live up to their potential. It is about enabling everyone to come to Jesus without stumbling blocks of abuse, ignorance, fear, compassion fatigue or the failure to recognise the experiences that so many carry within our communities."

Elizabeth Hall, Safeguarding Advisor, Methodist Church in Britain 


We have been asked by our District Safeguarding Office to provide link to a video, scripted by young people at the Kenilworth Centre,  which powerfully shows the very real dangers of "Sexting" - the sending of photographs of oneself naked, or near naked, to people one thinks of as friends.

The video last 23 minutes, it is very well made and carries a vital message to young people today. The link here is given by permission of young people from the Kenilworth Centre.

The video can viewed here.