St. John's Drama Group

There has been a Drama Group at St. John's for almost as long as anyone can remember!  You can read something about our history and our productions over the years here.

When we look at what we would like to perform our constraint is always what age ranges we are able to cast. We have a good nucleus of performers, but we could do with more people from the  20-40 years old age range!

Anyone and everyone (whatever your age!!) is welcome to come and join us in our endeavours in the lower hall at St John’s on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm. You will be welcomed with open arms, even if you only want to make the tea or wield a paint brush. It takes all sorts to make a viable Drama Group. We really do have a lot of fun as well as working hard at the production in hand. Just to make sure we are going to be there when you decide to come please telephone Alan Wayman on 01432 355886 or Hal Bottomley on 01432 357850.

We are very grateful for the loyal support we get from our audiences and we hope that they enjoy our offerings. We are also very grateful to the various people who work so hard for us back stage and front of house. Those of you who come to see our efforts and only see the performers on stage may not realise that there is at least an equal number back stage and front of house working their socks off to ensure the quality of the performance.