Something of our history

The St John’s Drama Group has been in existence for nearly 40 years. We have hard records dating from 1970 and reasonable accounting records from 1984.

During 1970-2 we were under the leadership of Mr Ted Bennett who owned and was the head at St Michael’s Private School at Whitecross. There was a momentary hesitation in the group’s development when Ted moved away to Worcester. We produced an Old Time Music Hall in October 1974 and then an Easter Play with the choir in May 1975 and an Advent Play in December of that year.

Since then we have performed at least two productions per year. These have ranged from Pantomimes to Religious Dramas and from Sketches to full length plays and everything in between. In addition a number of our members have taken part in wider public performances such as the two Passion Dramas put on by Churches Together in Hereford and it’s forerunner The Hereford Christian Council. Some of our members’ names have also appeared in the programmes of other Drama Societies in the area.

A list of our productions since 1970 is given below.  These have generated an income of several thousands of pounds. As well as being self-sustaining (with, of course, the support of the church) we have been able to donate a total of more than £26,000 divided between St John’s church and nominated charities. These latter are nominated by members at our AGM each year.

Our Past Productions




The White Sheep of the Family 


Four Acts and a Ploughman's 


 The Importance of Being Earnest


Carry on Reigning




 Prince Stefan and the Magic Spell


Blithe Spirit 


Don't Utter A Note 


 Old Time Music Hall


Dick Whittington


A Christmas Carol 


 A Play for Easter




Hewers of Coal 


 The Prophesy - An Advent Play


A Christmas Carol 


Red Letter Day 


 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime


Alice in Wonderland 


Village Capers 


 The Family


A Murder is Announced 


Jesus, My Boy 


 And This was Odd




The Pied Piper of Hamelin 


 The Monkey's Paw


Passion Drama 


The Passing of Cleverclogs  


 The Clouded Crystal




No Weeds for the Widow 


 Babes in the Wood


Tell me the Stories of Jesus


Old Time Music Hall


 The Woodcarver




Tell me the Stories of Jesus 


 Seaside Follies


Tomb with a View


Beauty and the Beast 


 Mystery at Greenfingers


The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe 


Dad's Army


 The Passing of the Third Floor Back


Sugar for the Inspector 


Last Scene of All


 Murder at the Vicarage


A Waiting Game 


 There's money coming to you 




Sleeping Beauty 


 Murder at the manse


 The Wedding of the Year


Jack and the Beanstalk 






The Night Before Christmas 


 Meals and Wills


 Tell me the Stories of Jesus


 Pools Paradise


 St. David's Day Miscellany


 Love from a Stranger


 Midsummer Night's Dream


 Midsummer Miscellany


 Passion Drama in High Town




 Hans Christian Andersen


 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


 Wanted. One Body


 The Fourth Wise Man


 An Inspector Calls


Singing Dancing Carpenter 


 England and St George


 Let's All go down the Strand


All at Sea 




 When We are Married


The Brothers 




 The Wizard of Oz


The Telephone Never Rings




 The Paper Chain


Golden Wedding




St. John's Goes West 


Mother Goose




The Vigil


 Too Soon for Daisies




Ali Baba


An Upstairs Downstairs Christmas