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Angie Allport

Hobbies are likely to go by the board over the next couple of years as I embark on a post-graduate theology degree, with a particular emphasis on the Holocaust.  That said, I enjoy reading and cross-stitching.  I’m also a bit of a film buff and particularly enjoy the old black and white films of the 1930s and 40s.

I was brought up relatively locally in Malvern but left there almost 30 years ago to further what was then a budding career in local government, working in the democratic core (council meeting administration and elections).  After a short spell in Leicestershire, I moved to Southampton and Leighton Buzzard, before settling in north Lincolnshire.  I then quit local government and worked for the church in an administrative capacity, never imagining that God would call me to ordained ministry. 

Following training in Birmingham, I served for five years in Harpenden and this is my second appointment.  Most of my work is in Hereford, but I’ll also be working with Bromyard MC.

As a deacon in the Methodist Church I am also is a member of the Methodist Diaconal Order, a religious order within Methodism, and follow a rule of life.

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