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Fellowship at St John's

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House Groups form a very important part of our fellowship at St. John's with nearly a third of our members regularly attending one.

We have five different House Groups of all shapes and sizes each having their own styles and traditions. Some follow a programme of study over a period while others are less formal and vary their topics from meeting to meeting. Some have only a few members,  others sometimes have difficulty in finding enough chairs for everyone.


All of our House Groups are always glad to see new faces, even if sometimes a living room can get a bit full !!  They are all ready to welcome both visitors and new members and you don't even have to come to St John's to belong to one.

Some of our house groups lead our worship on a Sunday morning. This happens about once a quarter.

We have two badminton groups which play in the Upper Hall at St John's.

Our ladies meet at 2.00pm on Tuesdays and a mixed group meet on Wednesdays at 7.30pm


Please do not think these are highly competitive Top League Badminton Clubs. They are not. We just like playing a bit of badminton and having  a good time

We also play short mat bowls fortnightly on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm in the Lower Hall. 

Like our badminton friends we don't take ourselves very seriously and our only real aim is have some fun. We are always glad to welcome new people to join in!

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