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Bromyard Methodist 
Church is a ‘Church 4 All’


We are the only Non Conformist church in the town and many from the Baptist, URC and other traditions find a home with us and we are most happy to welcome Christians who believe in the One God through Jesus Christ.

We are on a journey towards being a fully inclusive church, and have recently registered to be able to perform same sex marriages as well as mixed sex marriages. 

We are also very involved in the activities of ‘Christians Together in Bromyard’ and their work of bringing Christians together as they support three students in Tanzania through the S.E.E.D.(Secondary Education to Encourage Development) charity.

Bromyard is a town of many Festivals and members of the church are often to be found participating in the activities associated with the Festivals (Marmalade; Scarecrow; Music - Jazz &  Folk & The Bromyard Gala)

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