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Circuit Technology Group

The Circuit Technology Group's first project is to train volunteers to project and stream for live services in our churches.

For Projection we are planning on using OpenLP

Information on OpenLP can be found here

The Manual is available here.


Training videos:-

Lesson 1 - Getting started with OpenLP

Lesson 2 - Creating and editing songs

Lesson 3 - Find a Song, Add to Service, Go Live in OpenLP

Lesson 4 - Importing Bibles, Finding Verses

Lesson 5 - Importing and Using Presentations

Lesson 6 - Importing and using Images

Lesson 7 - Loading and Playing Videos

Lesson 8 - Custom Slides

Lesson 9 - Creating Themes in OpenLP

For Streaming we are using Atem Mini Pros.

Information on the Atem Mini Pros can be found here.

The Manual for the Atem Mini Pro can be found here.

YouTube Video showing how to use the Atem for Church Streaming here.

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