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Room Hire at St John's

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Although our premises are used a great deal by groups associated with our church, where possible we are always glad to help local community groups by providing accommodation for their activities.

All our rooms have disabled access with the exception of our Upper Hall.

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Please note that the use of alcohol on Methodist premises is not allowed under any circumstances.


When considering letting the church or it's premises, where use will involve children, young people or vulnerable adults, the following clause will be added to the letting agreement:

"the hirers will confirm that they are familiar with the Home Office Code of Practice Safe from Harm, have an understanding of it and undertake to follow the code of Practice contained therein in relation to work with children and young people"

The letting officer will ensure hirers have their own safeguarding policy and provide a copy for church retention or they adopt the policy of the Church and sign the users declaration Safeguarding Form E.

Our Safeguarding Policy can be viewed here.

Enquiries with regard to using our premises should be made to our Bookings Secretary, Mrs.Carol White on 01432 358114


 E Mail:

The Church

The Church is particularly suitable for the holding of concerts. There are seats for 200 people including the gallery.

Rates are £100 for a full evening concert and £47 for a lunch time concert. Rehearsals are charged at £30 per hour.


The Lower Hall

The Lower Hall is suitable for a range of meetings. There are seats for up to 100 people. Rates are £15 per hour and £7 for an extra part of an hour. Hire of the Lower Hall does not include use of the stage.


The Kitchen

The well-equipped kitchen adjoins the Lower Hall. Rates are £20 when meals are prepared and £6 if drinks only are served.


Upper Hall

The Upper Hall is more suitable for physical activities such as badminton, keep fit, yoga, Tai Chi or youth groups. There are 40 stacked chairs if needed. Rates are £12 per hour, £6 per half hour. Please note that the Upper Hall is accessed by stairs only. There is no disabled access.

The Foyer

The Foyer opens directly onto St. Owen Street and adjoins the Church. There is seating  for 15-20 people. Rates are £8 per hour.

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