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Inclusive Gathering

Inclusive Gathering Hereford

We are a group of churches seeking to be more inclusive. Would you be interested in an Inclusive Gathering in Hereford? If so, please complete the survey below.

End LGBTQI+ Detention

LGBTQI+ people come to the UK fleeing persecution. But instead of finding safety here, some are locked up in detention centres where they face LGBTQI-phobic bullying, harassment and abuse.

They are held indefinitely in prison-like conditions that isolate and traumatise them. Deprived of their freedom and cut-off from support networks, many must hide their identity in detention to stay safe.

This has to stop. Let’s make sure no LGBTQI+ person is locked up and subjected to violence and abuse.

Add your name to say enough is enough: it’s time to #EndLGBTQIDetention

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